Randy’s 3-In-ONE Deluxe Vaporizer Pen (taxes extra)



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For value herb Vaporizers, we recommend the Pulsar APX and Solo v1. For oils, go Vapir Pen, KandyPen or Dr Dabber

Randy’s 3 IN ONE Vaporizer was designed to cover all of your ‘on the go’ vaporizing needs.

  • Dry Herb Chamber for vaporizing plant material. Our battery is very powerful so do hold your heat button down too long to avoid combustion.
  • Liquid Chamber for vaporizing your favorite e-juice. Our chamber comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wax Chamber. Special chamber for vaporizing wax-like material.


  • Instructions and Gift Box
  • Battery (extra-long life 650mA with puff counter and battery life gauge)
  • Dry Plant Material Chamber (with 2 springs, mesh screen and ceramic screen)
  • Liquid Chamber (removable parts CE6 type)
  • Concentrate Chamber
  • Tools (brush and metal spoon cleaner)
  • Chargers (Wall and USB)
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