Kush Kaddie Container - Vacuum Sealed Lid


Going on a weekend trip and need a container to protect your vaporizer accessories or plant material? Utilizing the vacuum sealing technology of the tight vac containers and added a padded interior to create the ultimate vacuum sealed padded storage device. Simply slide off the vacuum sealed lid and put your essentials in the padded interior and slide the lid back on. Your gear is now encased in a vacuum sealed, padded hard shell container.

Mini 9.5 cm H by 7.5 cm W - weighs 0.1 kg
Small 14 cm H by 8 cm W - weighs 0.2 kg
Medium 13 cm H by 10 cm W - weighs 0.2 kg
Large - 20 cm H by 12 cm W - weighs 0.4 kg

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