Dr Dabber Aurora X Aaron Kai WAX/OIL Vaporizer (taxes extra)

Dr Dabber


Dr. Dabber collaborated with Hawaiian-born artist, Aaron Kai, to create the visually stunning and limited edition Aurora X Aaron Kai kit. Splashes of chromatic wave patterns are adorned throughout the kit to encapsulate island life.

Available in “Dabber Blue” the kit features the award-winning Dr. Dabber Aurora. Boasting a satin finish, the sleek and discreet Aurora is carefully calibrated with three heat settings that deliver a fully customizable experience. Powerful magnetic connections let you seamlessly switch between the included ceramic halo, dual-ceramic heating rods, and dual-quartz heating rods—all extracting the purest and most flavorful vapor possible.

Packaged in a resealable paint can, the Aurora X Aaron Kai kit provides a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience. For on-the-go use, the kit includes a nylon zip case to safely store your Aurora, loading tool, and other accessories. The portable carrying case is embellished with Aaron Kai's signature wave artwork and stitched with the collaboration’s badge.

The Aurora is a cutting-edge, stealthy vape pen designed to provide the best possible low-heat vaporization experience for solid concentrates. Engineered with Snaptech Magnetics, Aurora has powerful magnetic connections between its battery, atomizers, and mouthpiece - meaning no more threading, just a quick click! Three carefully calibrated heat settings, in addition to three quartz dish atomizers, allow for unmatched customization, delivering pure vapor and enhanced flavor. The Aurora’s contoured ceramic shotgun mouthpiece provides an ergonomic fit and optimal airflow.

How it Works
To load your Dr. Dabber Aurora, remove the mouthpiece and airflow shaft (the piece with the Dr. Dabber logo on it) from the atomizer so you can see the heating coil. Using the loading tool included in your kit, apply a small amount of solid concentrate to the spoon tip of the tool (we recommend a size comparable to a grain of rice) and carefully apply it directly onto the heating coil. Once you've loaded your atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece and the shaft, and you are ready to go! Put the mouthpiece to your lips, press the button 5 times to activate the device, then press and hold to draw. With the 10-second safety shutoff, your device will turn off automatically at 10 seconds.

Change coils as needed, approximately every 2-4 weeks, depending on the frequency of usage.


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