CloudV Flash Portable Wax Vaporizer (taxes extra)

Cloud V

The CloudV Flash Vaporizer is uniquely designed with power, efficiency and compactness in mind. It is just 4" in length, the perfect size that allows users to carry it with you all the time. The Flash features a revolutionary vertical configured powerful ceramic heating coil. This allows the concentrates to perfectly melt and deliver large clouds. This advanced technology will definitely mark the difference in your vaping experience. Additionally, the strong battery features 420mAh capacity, 3 voltage settings as well as preheat options. All you need to do is choose your desired settings and enjoy your clouds!

The Flash kit includes:
1 x 420mAh battery
1 x Ceramic Wax Atomizer
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x USB Charger

Length: 4"
Diameter: 0.6"
Battery Capacity: 420mAh

Voltage Settings:
Green: 2.4V
Blue: 3.2V
Red: 3.7V

How to Use
The Flash Vaporizer is easy to use and maintain. Once unpackaged, it is recommended to charge your battery for at least 1 hour before use. This will condition the battery for future charging during its lifespan. The red light on the bottom of the battery (next to the input port) will indicate that the battery is charging. Once the battery is at its full capacity, the charging will stop.

To lock/unlock the battery, you need to click the button 5 times in sequence. It will blink once to indicate that it has done the function. To change the voltage settings, you need to click the button 3 times in sequence. The order of colors are green, blue and red. To activate the preheat option, press the power button twice. The coil will be activated for 15 seconds to preheat the concentrates and liquefy the wax. The green and blue set settings have auto shut off time of 10sec where as the red setting does not have shut off time. Be sure to lock your battery after use to avoid accidental activation.

Cleaning is required to maintain the CloudV Flash. Remove the atomizer from the battery and using alcohol wipes, gently clean the chamber and the mouthpiece. This will help for the coil function as well as its lifespan. It is recommended to change the atomizer every 2-3 months to maintain the performance.

Cloud V Enterprises warrants CloudV Flash’s battery for six months that it is free of material defects and workmanship. If the battery is found to be defective, the sole liability from Cloud V is to repair or replace the defective battery with a properly functioning one. Warranty does not apply to atomizers or if the unit is used with non-Cloud V certified or approve products.

When not in use, you should store your Cloud in a safe place to avoid accidental activation. You should not leave your charger plugged in or unattended in a hot area or near flammable objects as this could be a fire hazard. You should keep your Cloud Flash away from water or any other liquid and away from any environment involving strong acids, alkaline or combustible material. Please keep this out of reach of children and pets. It is intended for persons over the age of 18.

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