Boundless CF 710 OIL Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The CF 710 OIL Vaporizer combines a sleek design with stealth.Expand your dabbing experience, enjoy pure flavor and efficiency of your concentrates and oils.

The Boundless CF 710 is initiated by holding the power button down. This begins heating of the exposed coil and will get to temperature in the matter of seconds.

Instant Heat-Up: Powered by an internal single 16500 LG Lithium-Ion 10A high drain battery with 900 mAh capacity
Ultraportable Design: Fits in the palm of the hand.
On Demand Intake: Simply hold the power button down to start heating.
Rapid USB charging: Fully charge in 2 hours.
Long Battery Life: Up to an hour of concurrent use.
Sleek Design:  Made out of 100% Stainless Steel.
Interchangeable Heating Tips: Choose between ceramic or quartz heating tips.

Three-year warranty on the product and one-year warrranty on the battery. Will offer $25 USD replacement fee after the one year warranty on the battery expires


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