710 Catridge (Tank) for 710 Pen Vaporizer



The 710 cartridge (tank) is a revolutionary cartomizer to vaporizer the concentrate at just the right temperature. It comes with a new and improved funnel so the concentrate goes directly to the heat source.

Fills anywhere quickly and with easy, even on the go.

Things you should remember to get the most out of the cartridge.
1. Prevent overheating the coils by running the coils dry. It is very easy to burn out the coils.
2. Avoid using anything metal to place your oil or solid. The coils can easily be damaged or bent by just by applying too much pressure.
3. If the mouthpiece has too much drag, clear the clog. Good air flow will prevent the coils from overheating.
4. Always turn the pen is off before putting it in your pocket, purse, bag, etc. Anything can press the button. It only takes a few seconds to burn the coil.
Keep in mind, the heating element is very fragile and if you handle it with care, it should last 400 hits or more. 

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