VapeXhale Water HydraTube


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THE HONEYCOMB: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM DIFFUSION. features the gridded barrel of the VapeXhale Turbine™ with an added HoneyComb diffuser that creates smooth, rich vapor. Want the smoothest vapor on the planet? This HydraTube™ is the one for you.

THE TURBINE: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM FLAVOR - features a gridded barrel percolator that spins the water as you inhale, creating a very visually stimulating experience with very little loss of flavor. Want the tastiest vapor on the planet? This HydraTube is the right one for you.

GRAPHITE HYDRABOMB: DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM FLOW - features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence (it's like a crystal grenade) that provides the least amount of restriction and superior flow. Want to hit the EVO™ with style and ease? This HydraTube™ is the one for you. Logo may vary.

THE SWISS TREE: SMOOTH GROOVES - the newest edition to our HydraTube™ lineup. Enjoy velvety rich aromas from the unique combination of the Swiss and Tree percolators. The Swiss perc, named for it's resemblance to Swiss cheese, allows aromas and water pass around the larger holes, filtering and cooling. The tried and true Tree perc features multiple arms that descend into the water for increased diffusion. Double the smooth factor with the Swiss Tree. Combo of Precision & Classic size - barrel size of 38mm but same height as Classic.

The Lynx is named after the most distant globular cluster in the Milky Way, transforming your whip into a HydraTube of sorts by adding a layer of moisture conditioning. The Lynx, quite literally, links the EVO to the whip for smooth, rich percolation. Take your EVO experience to the stars with this affordable add on.

The Calyx is compact, comfortable and effective, named after the protective layer that surrounds a flower in bud form, it was designed with comfort in mind. The NEW mouthpiece shape with added percolator for moisture conditioning, puts ease of use & effectiveness together in one compact piece. At a fraction of the cost of our high end HydraTubes, the Calyx is a great way to start your Vapexhale journey.

All of our glass is hand made by a glass artisan. While we do try and make each piece as consistently as possible, because each one is hand-made, you may see a slight variation from unit to unit.

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