Dr Dabber Aurora X Aaron Kai and AHOL Collaboration WAX/OIL Vaporizer (taxes extra)

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Dr. Dabber Aurora X Aaron Kai and AHOL Collaboration

The next generation of the Dr. Dabber limited edition artist series is here!

Hawaii native, Aaron Kai, is notorious for his colorful, cartoon-style wave patterns. The post-pop artist has been drawing his entire life, but has only begun his professional art career in the last six years. Drawing inspiration from his days of surfing in Hawaii, Aaron Kai has quickly become globally renowned for his signature “wave” patterning. Inspired by the morning surf, Aaron’s use of eye-popping colors and flawless line work have an almost “print-like” aesthetic. The post-pop artist applied his wave-like designs to our award-winning Aurora pen to create this awesome collab.

Dr. Dabber has also meshed their award-winning Aurora vape pen technology with the striking street art talents of Miami-based graffiti artist, David Anasagasti — better known around the world as the dynamic, AHOL Sniffs Glue.
The Aurora is a cutting-edge, stealthy vape pen designed to provide the best possible low-heat vaporization experience for solid concentrates. Engineered with Snaptech Magnetics, Aurora has powerful magnetic connections between its battery, atomizers, and mouthpiece - meaning no more threading, just a quick click! Three carefully calibrated heat settings, in addition to three quartz dish atomizers, allow for unmatched customization, delivering pure vapor and enhanced flavor. The Aurora’s contoured ceramic shotgun mouthpiece provides an ergonomic fit and optimal airflow.

How it Works
To load your Dr. Dabber Aurora, remove the mouthpiece and airflow shaft (the piece with the Dr. Dabber logo on it) from the atomizer so you can see the heating coil. Using the loading tool included in your kit, apply a small amount of solid concentrate to the spoon tip of the tool (we recommend a size comparable to a grain of rice) and carefully apply it directly onto the heating coil. Once you've loaded your atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece and the shaft, and you are ready to go! Put the mouthpiece to your lips, press the button 5 times to activate the device, then press and hold to draw. With the 10-second safety shutoff, your device will turn off automatically at 10 seconds.
Change coils as needed, approximately every 2-4 weeks, depending on the frequency of usage.

What's in the Box
    1x Dr. Dabber X Limited Edition Aurora
    1x Ceramic Halo w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
    1x Dual Ceramic Heating Rod w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
    1x Dual Quartz Heating Rod w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
    1x Dr. Dabber x AHOL Stash Can
    1x AHOL Concentrate Mat
    1x AHOL Pin
    1x Loading Tool
    1x Shatterproof Silicone Container
    1x Instruction Manual
    1x Magnetic USB Charger
    1x Keychain


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