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Home Portable Vaporizers stamped-recommend-collection-155057223

For when you need a vape on-the-go.

Battery portables have come along way from the early years of vaporizers. They now offer all the major features in a smaller than desktop size. While they can't inflate a bag and do generate less vapor overall than a desktop model, they can produce very good vapor.

Big Vapor units are great choices for heavier users and medical patients. If your goal is bigger bowls, more vapor, better vapor, treat yourself to a "Big Vapor" portable vaporizer.

Swappable batteries are for those clients that always want a back up. You have a second battery charged and ready to swap in at any point.

Compact units generally have shorter battery life. If your goal is a compact unit but need more vapor time, we suggest getting a unit with swappable batteries and buying 1 or 2 extra batteries.

Value vaporizers have improved over the years. You can now get sub $100 herbal vaporizers that do work well. While we are overall happy with the performance on our value vaporizers, we do still recommend spending more budget permitted. More money means better vapor, bigger bowls and better quality.

Some of our recommendations for Portable Vaporizers:
Big Vapor - Mighty, Crafty, IQ, Zeus Arc GT, Boundless CFX
Burst Vapor - Ghost Vapes MV1, Firefly 2+
Compact - IQ, Vapir Prima, Crafty, Utillian, Magic Flight, ArGo
Swappable Batteries - Vapir Prima, Arizer Air II, ArGo, IQ, Miqro
Long Lasting Batteries - Solo v1, Solo II
Best for Value - Pulsar APX v2, Utillian 420 / 421, XMAX Starry V3
New additions - Linx Eden, Utillian 722

We also offer vape pens for wax/concentrate vaporizers and oil vaporizers.

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