Vapor Daddy Vaporizer (taxes extra)

Vapor Daddy

Vapor Daddy Vaporizer

Also consider the Daddy Deluxe Box Vaporizer

The Vapor Daddy is based on the box whip design, it has all the basic features you need and a 1 year warranty to back it up. Featuring basic temperature control, easy to use whip and a solid box case to hold everything.

Metal Heating Element
NOT glass on glass
Permanent Element Cover
Plain Temp Dial
Vinyl Tubing with Two piece wand
- Or Silicon Tubing with One piece Wand

30 Day Full Warranty: After 30 days, the unit must be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, a $34.95 shipping / maintenance fee must be included.

Important note: As with all box vaporizers, we recommend a burn in time of 20-30 minutes without inhaling.

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